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Nylon Blog: how magazines are keeping up in the blogging world

April 8, 2012

I love fashion magazines.  I keep every edition of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar on my desk at home so I can slide my hands over the glossy pages whenever I need to.  I might not be able to afford anything in those beautiful pieces of sartorial glory, but I just can’t get enough.  Not everyone feels the same.

With magazines and newspapers losing their readership to the online world, they have to find ways to keep up.  Fashion magazines all have websites, but they need a little extra something to stay in line with the booming fashion bloggers.  That’s where fashion blogs for fashion magazines come in.  My favorite? Nylon.

Nylon Magazine is a mix of fashion, lifestyle and music that gives the reader a more street-worthy way of working the biggest fashion trends.  In an interview with The Fashion Spot, style editor-at-large Dani Stahl explains just why her magazine is so successful… “fashion is about confidence – you will look best if you feel your best.  Oh, and never forget that fashion is fun.  Fashion.  Is.  Fun.”  And fun fashion is exactly what they provide.

the stylish Dani Stahl

However, even fun, confident fashion can’t keep up with the digital world alone, and that’s where Nylon Blog comes in.

The Pros:

  1. Categories – Giving you the option to look at posts on fashion, beauty, music, film and more, Nylon Blog is just as diverse as it’s print counterpart.  It is easy to navigate between the categories, and you don’t have to look at sections that you aren’t interested in.  Picking and choosing what you want to read gives the online Nylon a one-up on the magazine.
  2. Music – You can’t listen to new music out of a magazine… enough said.
  3. NYLONia” – This category of the blog gives the reader a chance to branch out on the web.  Every day, they post a  “Song + Site of the Day.”  This not only provides the Nylon-a-holics with new information to sink their teeth into, but it also makes Nylon a more web-friendly site, increasing their own Search Engine Optimization.

The Cons:

No glossy pages to run my hands over.

Even without the shiny magazine aspect however, Nylon Blog really outdoes itself.  Kelsey Margol, Vanderbilt University campus manager for clothing line Vince Camuto and intern at jewelry designer Dannijo, reads Nylon Blog to stay in touch with the latest styles.

“I use Nylon Blog to get inspiration on a daily basis,” she said.  “I love how it is constantly updated so I never run out of ideas and am always up to date on the newest trends.”

Fashion blogging is not just an outlet for at-home style-lovers any more, and Nylon Blog is leading the way.

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