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When blogging and business meet

March 6, 2012

Intertwining work and pleasure may seem like an impossibility, but for some in the fashion world it is all too easy.  Allison Norton, a journalism student at the University of Southern California, is doing just that.  Norton started her fashion blog Dessert as a personal endeavor, but soon learned that it would aid her in the business world as well.  Now working as an intern for stylist and sartorial mogul Rachel Zoe, Norton helped me find out where blogging and business meet. 

1. What was your inspiration for your blog?

I created my blog about two years ago in an effort to channel my creative ideas.  As a very creative person, I’m always feeling inspired by something and I felt that being able to post my ideas and inspirations on a visual blog would help me to feel like I was putting that creative energy out there somewhere.  I’m a Print Journalism major and a Fine Arts minor, so I’ve always been interested in art, but blog posts are mainly centered around fashion, art, music, travel (when I was abroad) and daily doses of things that I like or things that I just feel like sharing.  It’s all really centered around how I’m feeling at the time that I post.

2. How do you decide what to write/post about?

I have hundreds of folders on my computer of aggregated photos from other blogs, editorials, websites, online magazines, etc.  Sometimes if I can’t figure out what I want to post, I’ll just scroll through those thousands of photos and something will usually hit the nail on the head.  Bust most of the time, I have a collection of recent things that I want to post about or share and I choose from those.  I try to do recent things as timely as possible, like magazine spreads, photos from fashion week, etc.

3. What is your job at Rachel Zoe?

I’m currently interning at Rachel Zoe Inc. with Zoe Media Group.  ZoeMG is a branch of Rachel Zoe Inc. that manages all content and editing on The Zoe Report, manages the brand’s social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook, and controls the content on the TZR Tumblr.  I’ve interned there since August and I do a lot of feature writing for The Zoe Report, as well as pulling looks and content for the items featured.

4.  How do you connect your blog to our job?

My blog and my internship are actually really connected in my mind.  First of all, the reason I was even “discovered” by Team Zoe was because of my blog.  The project manager there came across my blog when he was with one of his friends who happened to know me and they contacted me saying that I have the creative vision they are looking for and would I be interested in being part of the team.  In my day to day work, I feel like the two are similar because of the writing I do on both, aggregating images, and making decisions on what to feature, as well as broadcasting both to other social media outlets.

5. How have people responded to your posts on your blog and the Zoe Report?

People have responded positively to both.  I get about 1,000 views per week on my blog and comments here and there.  In terms of my work on The Zoe Report, people won’t know it’s me who is behind it.  So, I’ll usually email my family and tell me friends when my writing is featured, which happens about twice or three times a week.  Just lately I’ve been posting that on my blog and I like the positive feedback I’ve gotten!

6. As a blogger, what do you think the influence of fashion bloggers on the industry is?

I think that fashion blogging has changed the industry all together and will continue to do so.  Now, people interested in fashion will turn to blogs to find out the latest news because it takes a month for that same news to come out in magazines, and the world is moving way too fast to be able to sit around for a month and wait.  Even during recent fashion weeks, I’ve been glued to blogs and websites to check out the latest styles.  Also, blog are different because people can blog about themselves and their outfits (Atlantic-Pacific, Cupcakes and Cashmere) and get readership and viewership without even needing an editor.  It’s making fashion more relatable and fashion news more accessible

7. What do you think the future of fashion blogging is?

I think fashion blogging will be around for a long time…or at least until something else that is more high-tech comes around to replace it!


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