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A day in the life of a fashion blogger at London Fashion Week

February 21, 2012

The stylish crowd at London Fashion Week

It’s that time of the year again… Autumn/Winter.  Only in the fashion industry are two combined seasons so relevant.  Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is upon us here in London and it can’t get much better than this.  Photographers taking pictures of other photographers, pink hair, dresses made solely of fur, women in eight-inch heels, men in eight-inch heels. Sounds like a circus, but the truth is London Fashion Week at Somerset House is in full swing, and the fashion bloggers are up to their fake prescription glasses in picture after picture of London street style.

Fashion Week happens twice a year, featured in New York, London, Paris and Milan.  February starts the Autumn/Winter shows while Spring/Summer collections hit the stage in September.  For the designers, it’s all about having the best garments and staying applicable to the fashion industry.  For the exclusive guests to the catwalks, it’s all about wearing the very latest in clothes and keeping your connections strong.  For the bloggers, it’s all about getting the best photos; and this season I got the chance to step into those Alexander Wang shoes.

I walk into the courtyard of Somerset House and know I am in for a unique experience.  I am here to snap pictures of street style as well as photos of the street style photographers.  I was both surprised and excited to see that as a “fashion blogger,” I too get my picture taken.  I was asked to pose in my Fashion Week best and describe my look to fellow reporters.

“I wanted to stay warm without being too covered up so I chose a lace overlay,” I explained.  “And yes, I really do need to wear glasses.”

I take more than 80 photos of some of the most unique and creative outfits I have seen since I’ve been in London.  One of my favorites was a blogger wearing stretchy leather bell-bottoms and a fur vest over a bright yellow tee.  This young photographer is just one example of the bevy of fashionable people gathered to marvel at the rest of the stylish crowd.

Since this was my first time taking my own photos for my blog, I had my eye out for people similar to me.  I met one girl, Stephanie, who is just starting out in the blogging world as well.  After taking a few pictures of her outfit and accessories, I had a chance to learn about the stylish redhead’s own blog.

“I wanna be a writer, my blog is a space to write about what I feel,” she said.  “It has all kinds of things, not just fashion.  It’s not personal, more like a critique of life, media, arts… all kinds of scenes.”

Stephanie getting her accessories photographed

I learned through Stephanie that fashion blogging isn’t purely about posting photos of stylish people.  While we were talking, another blogger interviewed the two of us about our outfits and our own blogs, tying our influence into their own.  The fashion blogging world is a never-ending circle of links to links and taking and sharing.  The future of fashion seems to be in these instant updates of who, what and wear.

My day as a fashion blogger

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  1. Louise Tuchman permalink
    February 22, 2012 1:32 am

    We are impressed and you look fabulous.

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