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Nylon Blog: how magazines are keeping up in the blogging world

April 8, 2012

I love fashion magazines.  I keep every edition of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar on my desk at home so I can slide my hands over the glossy pages whenever I need to.  I might not be able to afford anything in those beautiful pieces of sartorial glory, but I just can’t get enough.  Not everyone feels the same.

With magazines and newspapers losing their readership to the online world, they have to find ways to keep up.  Fashion magazines all have websites, but they need a little extra something to stay in line with the booming fashion bloggers.  That’s where fashion blogs for fashion magazines come in.  My favorite? Nylon.

Nylon Magazine is a mix of fashion, lifestyle and music that gives the reader a more street-worthy way of working the biggest fashion trends.  In an interview with The Fashion Spot, style editor-at-large Dani Stahl explains just why her magazine is so successful… “fashion is about confidence – you will look best if you feel your best.  Oh, and never forget that fashion is fun.  Fashion.  Is.  Fun.”  And fun fashion is exactly what they provide.

the stylish Dani Stahl

However, even fun, confident fashion can’t keep up with the digital world alone, and that’s where Nylon Blog comes in.

The Pros:

  1. Categories – Giving you the option to look at posts on fashion, beauty, music, film and more, Nylon Blog is just as diverse as it’s print counterpart.  It is easy to navigate between the categories, and you don’t have to look at sections that you aren’t interested in.  Picking and choosing what you want to read gives the online Nylon a one-up on the magazine.
  2. Music – You can’t listen to new music out of a magazine… enough said.
  3. NYLONia” – This category of the blog gives the reader a chance to branch out on the web.  Every day, they post a  “Song + Site of the Day.”  This not only provides the Nylon-a-holics with new information to sink their teeth into, but it also makes Nylon a more web-friendly site, increasing their own Search Engine Optimization.

The Cons:

No glossy pages to run my hands over.

Even without the shiny magazine aspect however, Nylon Blog really outdoes itself.  Kelsey Margol, Vanderbilt University campus manager for clothing line Vince Camuto and intern at jewelry designer Dannijo, reads Nylon Blog to stay in touch with the latest styles.

“I use Nylon Blog to get inspiration on a daily basis,” she said.  “I love how it is constantly updated so I never run out of ideas and am always up to date on the newest trends.”

Fashion blogging is not just an outlet for at-home style-lovers any more, and Nylon Blog is leading the way.


Haute Influence: Bloggers making their mark on the fashion world

April 3, 2012

Print is going extinct.  The newspaper can’t catch a break.  Magazines are becoming irrelevant.  Where does the poor young writer turn to bring their meaningful words to the people?  Blogging.  Fashion blogging is just an offshoot of the Internet world becoming more and more influential to daily life.  The most famous fashion bloggers are now icons themselves, and people like Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Talley are turning to them for inspiration.  For us fashion-obsessed 90s babies who grew up with the Internet, the chance of grabbing style inspiration off the web is  a lot higher than from a highly styled editorial spread.

One London based trendspotter, used her blog as a platform for her trendspotting work.

“I literally woke up one morning feeling creatively restricted and I thought, what better way to get it out then start a blog,” she said.  “I just did it, originally no one was looking at it, then it just kind of took off and opened lots of doors.”

Her blog brought her to a career in trendspotting, and it also made her realize how big of an influence fashion blogs can leave on the fashion world.  One particular way is through “street-style” blogging, or showing pictures of everyday people’s outfits.

“Seeing people really wearing things is gonna sell more than Jessica Stam with a Mohawk,” she said.

Jessica Stam

Fashion followers turn to the bloggers for style advice, shopping tips and just about anything related to the fashion world.  One of the most famous bloggers, Leandra Medine aka The Man Repeller, started a trend based purely on her pseudonym.  Being a “man repeller” is now a fashion fad based on dressing in a sartorially pleasing way, but ultimately quite un-sexy.  Wearing big, nerdy and not really prescription glasses, now called “birth control glasses,” is just one of Medine’s influences.

Birth Control Glasses, courtesy Man Repeller

Dessert blogger Allison Norton said that bloggers like Medine are so popular and prominent because they provide fashion advice more quickly than magazines can.

“The world is moving way too fast to be able to sit around for a month and wait,” she said.

Magazines have begun using blogging techniques, like street style photos, to be able to relate to the online-obsessed readers.  In the February edition of UK Vogue, photographer Raymond Meier did a photoshoot entitled “I am a Camera,” documenting a bloggers trip through fashion week.  But is that enough to keep up?  Ellie Benuska, writer for Wild, Young and Free blog, agreed with Norton.

“Fashion blogging will become more important than fashion magazines in the next few years because they are so much more accessible and global,” she said.  “The more that brands and magazines come to embrace blogging, the more successful they will be, and the more fashion will largely come to exist in the blogging and Internet sphere.”

“It’s an amazing democratization of fashion as an industry as a whole,” Hasseck explained.  “More people have a voice, there’s not just one way to view things anymore.”

The evolving online shopping world proves just how influential fashion blogs are.  In order to keep up with the instant access to fashion news and ideas, online designer retailers, like Net-A-Porter, have added videos alongside their garments to tech-ify the shoppers experience.  Designers have to be well aware of what the popular bloggers are highlighting every week to know how to keep their buyers on the hook.

Net-a-porter runway video

It’s pretty obvious that the world is heading in a digital direction, and while fashion will always be around, the means of accessing it will be constantly changing.  Just like the Kate Moss’ and Cindy Crawford’s before us, someone, like today’s bloggers, will be there to guide the way.

Pinterest: Fashion influence through virtual pinboards

March 20, 2012

You can try to explain it to your boyfriend, but it’s like him trying to explain what’s happening in his fantasy football league.  As silly as Pinterest might seem to be, in reality it’s the future of the Internet and in many ways the fashion world; just like fantasy football is the future of… gambling problems.

So what exactly is Pinterest?

“Pinterst is a virtual pinboard,” their website boasts.  “Pinterest allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.”

One of my Pinterest boards

Once you sign up, or rather get invited, you can see everything every other Pinterest fanatic has pinned to their “boards.”  Boards are organized by themes, making it easier to scan through your favorite topics.  Once your friends join, you can follow them, similarly to Twitter, to see what they love as well.

You can blindly scroll through the pages and pages of low calorie chocolate chip muffins or the millions of wedding day ideas, blankly attempting to remember to remember to note to attempt these ideas in some near future.  Or, like many users, you can use Pinterest as a platform for inspiring fashion and showing your followers and friends what’s in and what’s out.

Ellie Benuska, a Los Angeles blogger (Wild, Young and Free) and an intern at Wildfox Couture, interweaves Pinterest into her blogging and professional – albeit fashionable – life.

“I sometimes write [blog] posts consisting solely of inspiring images I find on Pinterest,” she said.  “Pinterest is interesting because it is a home for purely recycled images.”

And these recycled images might be more helpful for your fashion blog than you might think.  Once you click on a pin, it takes you to the original location the pinner grabbed it from.  This simple tactic can bring an immense amount of views to a  website, making their page more and more well known.  In a VerticalResponse blog post, writer Jill Bastian explained “Why Pinterest Matters for Your Business.”

“In just a small amount of time your business could see a boost via obsessed pinners!” she said.  “Adding a pin or two a week will also move your boards up in views, making it easy for people to find you.”

If this works well for small businesses, imagine how well Pinterest shares new trends.  For fashion bloggers, Pinterest is just one step in the trendspotting world.

“Images become viral and almost universal.  In this sense it’s easy to recognize trends because you see particular images being used and pinned over and over again,” Benuska explained.  “If I see all of my friends on Pinterest consistently re-pinning images with neon, or color-blocking or athletic inspired outfits- it’s safe to say that these are probably trends.”

One of Benuska's neon inspired pins

And indeed style inspiration can come directly from this little website.  Once people start posting their favorite looks and trends, it is inevitable that their friends will take a liking to that very look.  Sooner or later, a whole group of pinners will be sporting similar trends… like neon, color-blocking and athletic inspired outfits – all things touted by even the most professional fashion bloggers in recent weeks.  Now while an individual pinner does not make a huge impact on the fashion industry by their pins, the ideas they generate flow through the pinning cycle leading to a wave of trends and fashionable inspiration faster than you can say Chanel Haute Couture.

Now your boyfriend probably could care less about neon, color-blocking or athletic inspired outfits, but that’s what makes Pinterest so unique.  If you don’t want to see neon, color-blocking or athletic inspired outfits you don’t have to.  While Pinterest is great for the budding fashionista and her loyal followers, it can also be a platform for any type of blogging that you want.  Just one more addition to the online inspiration blogging can produce.

Check out my Pinterest here

When blogging and business meet

March 6, 2012

Intertwining work and pleasure may seem like an impossibility, but for some in the fashion world it is all too easy.  Allison Norton, a journalism student at the University of Southern California, is doing just that.  Norton started her fashion blog Dessert as a personal endeavor, but soon learned that it would aid her in the business world as well.  Now working as an intern for stylist and sartorial mogul Rachel Zoe, Norton helped me find out where blogging and business meet. 

1. What was your inspiration for your blog?

I created my blog about two years ago in an effort to channel my creative ideas.  As a very creative person, I’m always feeling inspired by something and I felt that being able to post my ideas and inspirations on a visual blog would help me to feel like I was putting that creative energy out there somewhere.  I’m a Print Journalism major and a Fine Arts minor, so I’ve always been interested in art, but blog posts are mainly centered around fashion, art, music, travel (when I was abroad) and daily doses of things that I like or things that I just feel like sharing.  It’s all really centered around how I’m feeling at the time that I post.

2. How do you decide what to write/post about?

I have hundreds of folders on my computer of aggregated photos from other blogs, editorials, websites, online magazines, etc.  Sometimes if I can’t figure out what I want to post, I’ll just scroll through those thousands of photos and something will usually hit the nail on the head.  Bust most of the time, I have a collection of recent things that I want to post about or share and I choose from those.  I try to do recent things as timely as possible, like magazine spreads, photos from fashion week, etc.

3. What is your job at Rachel Zoe?

I’m currently interning at Rachel Zoe Inc. with Zoe Media Group.  ZoeMG is a branch of Rachel Zoe Inc. that manages all content and editing on The Zoe Report, manages the brand’s social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook, and controls the content on the TZR Tumblr.  I’ve interned there since August and I do a lot of feature writing for The Zoe Report, as well as pulling looks and content for the items featured.

4.  How do you connect your blog to our job?

My blog and my internship are actually really connected in my mind.  First of all, the reason I was even “discovered” by Team Zoe was because of my blog.  The project manager there came across my blog when he was with one of his friends who happened to know me and they contacted me saying that I have the creative vision they are looking for and would I be interested in being part of the team.  In my day to day work, I feel like the two are similar because of the writing I do on both, aggregating images, and making decisions on what to feature, as well as broadcasting both to other social media outlets.

5. How have people responded to your posts on your blog and the Zoe Report?

People have responded positively to both.  I get about 1,000 views per week on my blog and comments here and there.  In terms of my work on The Zoe Report, people won’t know it’s me who is behind it.  So, I’ll usually email my family and tell me friends when my writing is featured, which happens about twice or three times a week.  Just lately I’ve been posting that on my blog and I like the positive feedback I’ve gotten!

6. As a blogger, what do you think the influence of fashion bloggers on the industry is?

I think that fashion blogging has changed the industry all together and will continue to do so.  Now, people interested in fashion will turn to blogs to find out the latest news because it takes a month for that same news to come out in magazines, and the world is moving way too fast to be able to sit around for a month and wait.  Even during recent fashion weeks, I’ve been glued to blogs and websites to check out the latest styles.  Also, blog are different because people can blog about themselves and their outfits (Atlantic-Pacific, Cupcakes and Cashmere) and get readership and viewership without even needing an editor.  It’s making fashion more relatable and fashion news more accessible

7. What do you think the future of fashion blogging is?

I think fashion blogging will be around for a long time…or at least until something else that is more high-tech comes around to replace it!

A day in the life of a fashion blogger at London Fashion Week

February 21, 2012

The stylish crowd at London Fashion Week

It’s that time of the year again… Autumn/Winter.  Only in the fashion industry are two combined seasons so relevant.  Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is upon us here in London and it can’t get much better than this.  Photographers taking pictures of other photographers, pink hair, dresses made solely of fur, women in eight-inch heels, men in eight-inch heels. Sounds like a circus, but the truth is London Fashion Week at Somerset House is in full swing, and the fashion bloggers are up to their fake prescription glasses in picture after picture of London street style.

Fashion Week happens twice a year, featured in New York, London, Paris and Milan.  February starts the Autumn/Winter shows while Spring/Summer collections hit the stage in September.  For the designers, it’s all about having the best garments and staying applicable to the fashion industry.  For the exclusive guests to the catwalks, it’s all about wearing the very latest in clothes and keeping your connections strong.  For the bloggers, it’s all about getting the best photos; and this season I got the chance to step into those Alexander Wang shoes.

I walk into the courtyard of Somerset House and know I am in for a unique experience.  I am here to snap pictures of street style as well as photos of the street style photographers.  I was both surprised and excited to see that as a “fashion blogger,” I too get my picture taken.  I was asked to pose in my Fashion Week best and describe my look to fellow reporters.

“I wanted to stay warm without being too covered up so I chose a lace overlay,” I explained.  “And yes, I really do need to wear glasses.”

I take more than 80 photos of some of the most unique and creative outfits I have seen since I’ve been in London.  One of my favorites was a blogger wearing stretchy leather bell-bottoms and a fur vest over a bright yellow tee.  This young photographer is just one example of the bevy of fashionable people gathered to marvel at the rest of the stylish crowd.

Since this was my first time taking my own photos for my blog, I had my eye out for people similar to me.  I met one girl, Stephanie, who is just starting out in the blogging world as well.  After taking a few pictures of her outfit and accessories, I had a chance to learn about the stylish redhead’s own blog.

“I wanna be a writer, my blog is a space to write about what I feel,” she said.  “It has all kinds of things, not just fashion.  It’s not personal, more like a critique of life, media, arts… all kinds of scenes.”

Stephanie getting her accessories photographed

I learned through Stephanie that fashion blogging isn’t purely about posting photos of stylish people.  While we were talking, another blogger interviewed the two of us about our outfits and our own blogs, tying our influence into their own.  The fashion blogging world is a never-ending circle of links to links and taking and sharing.  The future of fashion seems to be in these instant updates of who, what and wear.

My day as a fashion blogger

Around the world fashion blogging

January 31, 2012

Where to begin… Starting this fashion blog on fashion blogs across the world from my home will be exciting and rewarding and I can’t wait to see where my investigation takes me. Haute Influence will be an in depth blog discussing the influence today’s most well-known fashion bloggers have on the fashion world. I’ve begun my interviews and research and hope I find an interesting group of sources and ideas. I am posting a linkroll to show you some of my personal daily reads!

love european street style... via sartorialist